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How to Convert Kindle Books to NOOK Free?

convert kindle books to nookThe Amazon Kindle e-reader can read documents formatted in Kindle's proprietary formats AZW or AZW1, TXT, MOBI or PRC. The Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader can also read e-books formatted in TXT. In addition, it can read PDF, Word and ePub but can't read AZW, AZW1 or Mobi. You must convert incompatible Kindle e-book formats before you can read them on the Nook. Once the file is converted, you can transfer it to the Nook using Windows Explorer.

But most Kindle AZW books are protected by DRM. DRM prevents you from converting AZW to other formats. So you may need Kindle DRM Removal to remove DRM from Kindle books. Free download it here:

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After downloading and installing Kindle DRM removal, follow the guide below to convert Kindle books to NOOK step by step.

Part 1: How to Remove DRM from Kindle AZW?

Step 1: Install Kindle for PC 1.1.1 and authorize your copy. Authorize your copy of Kindle for PC and "Sync and check for new items".

Step 2: Install Kindle DRM Remover. Then run it.

Step 3: Input files by clicking on the "Browse" button to run Kindle for PC v1.1.1. And double click the Kindle books in Home mode, then close Kindle for PC.

convert kindle books to nook

Step 4: Click "unDecrypt directory", then remove DRM from Kindle eBooks.

Part 2: Convert Kindle Books to NOOK

Part 2-1: Copy a AZW, AZW1, Mobi or PRC Formatted E-book from Kindle

Step 1: Turn on the Amazon Kindle. Connect the Kindle to the computer. Open the e-book you want to transfer in the Amazon Kindle. Scroll to the first page of the e-book in the Kindle. Then click in front of the first text character of that e-book. Click the "Select" wheel.

Step 2: Go to the last page of the text and click behind the last character. Click the Kindle "Select" wheel, and the entire e-book will be highlighted. Up to 10 percent of it will copy to your "My Clippings" folder as a TXT file.

Step 3: Click on the desktop "Start" menu and choose the "Computer" or "My Computer" folder. Click on the Removable Drive folder that represents the connected Kindle. Click on the "My Clippings" folder. Move the TXT file of the copied text from the My Clippings folder to the computer desktop. Then right-click and "Delete" the TXT file from the My Clippings folder. Deleting the clipping allows you to make additional clippings from the same e-book.

Step 4: Open Notepad, or another text editor, from the desktop Start menu. Click "File" at the top of the text editor. Then select "Open" and select the TXT file on your desktop. Verify how much of the TXT file was copied. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to copy each additional section of the e-book until you have the entire book.

Step 5: Copy and paste the TXT files into a single TXT file, in the order they appeared in the e-book.

Part 2-2: Copy a TXT E-book From Kindle

Connect the Amazon Kindle to the computer with its USB cable. Choose "Computer" or "My Computer" from the computer desktop Start menu. Double-click on the Removable Disk drive icon that represents the connected Kindle. The "Documents" folder inside contains all e-books and other text documents saved to the device. Drag the e-book from the "Documents" folder and drop it on your computer desktop.

Part 2-3: Download to Nook

Connect your Nook to the computer with its USB cable. Choose "Computer" or "My Computer" from the computer desktop Start menu. Double-click on the Removable Disk drive icon that represents the connected Nook. Drag the Kindle TXT e-book from your desktop, and drop it in the "My Documents" folder in the Nook drive folder.

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